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Leaders in Free Thought at Colorado State University

Upcoming Events

Skepticamp Colorado 2011

The Colorado State University Leaders in Free Thought will be hosting the next Skepticamp Colorado on February 26th, 2011. Skepticamp is an informal, community-organized event dedicated to exploring topics relating to science, skepticism, and critical thinking. Members of the community volunteer to give short talks on topics of their interest, which can be on anything from conspiracy theories to poisonous mushrooms.

To learn more about the Skepticamp model, please visit the Skepticamp Wiki.

To register for the event (free!), visit our page on the Skepticamp Wiki, and add your name!

For a schedule of events (coming soon) and list of speakers, please visit the event webpage.

Would you like to contribute to this event? Email Kai at skepticamp5280@gmail.com if you would like to give a talk!

We also are looking for sponsors! If you are able, we would love for you to donate to Leaders in Free Thought through the Paypal button below. All donations will be applied directly to the cost of room reservations and food served at Skepticamp.


This event will be held in the Lory Student Center on the CSU campus. From College Avenue, turn west onto Laurel St. Take a left on Meldrum, which will take you into the parking lot in front of the student center. Parking is free on the weekends.

If you enter the building on the south end, you will need to take two flights of stairs up to the top level. The opening ceremony will take place at 8 am in the Cherokee Ballroom. There will be signs near every entrance with instructions to the room. Admission is free.


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